Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?


My thoughts about wanting SRS.

A man walks into a hardware store and asks the attendant where he can find the hole section. The attendant looks perplexed and asks the man some questions to clarify what he is looking for.  He finally realizes the man needs to put a hole in his wall so he can insert an anchor to hold the screw which will hold the mount for the picture he wants to hang.  So he takes the customer to the section where the drill bits are displayed.

“What’s this the customer asks? I want a 1/4″ hole not a drill bit!”

“I am sorry sir,” replied the clerk, “we don’t sell holes. If you want a hole you will need to buy the bit.”

I want a vagina; fully sensate and functional. (I would love an uterus also). However I can’t have what I want without. SRS. (sadly unlike trans. fiction, vaginas don’t magically happen from shrinking penises)

Do I want lady parts? Without question.  And if it takes SRS then. . . . yes!, . . . well maybe. . . .  weeeelllll, you know, at this point I think I will opt for, “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.”

And oh yes, I am quite a distance from that bridge. Nevertheless during my entire femme journey having a functional vagina; having my vagina, is my most deeply cherished dream of my unique womanhood which just happens to be trans.



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