Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?


This is a great question for every transgender person to ask them selfs. Do you want SRS? There is a lot of psychology in the answer and will be different for everyone. Personally the concept of getting SRS so I can pass is a pointless and superficial answer. As much as getting blond hair vs my natural brown, I do not want SRS because of vanity. For having sex is also a pointless answer as I am not driven solely by my urges and it would be very temporarily self indulgent, also SRS tends to make feelings down there not as they were before. If it is to please someone else or because it is a society trend, it would be a heck no, I have always walked my own path and have been free as an individual human. The angry nihilistic Trans people you see on social media tend to be in this group. But if getting SRS so I can feel whole mentally, physically, spiritually, that is still a self absorbed answer but one that is acceptable, we are are individuals and must take care of our selfs mind body and spirit. Plus once one feels whole with self they will be better at loving and caring for others.



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