Reply To: Do you want to be a girl?

June Holl

Maria, you hit the nail on the head! We can stand and fight with the possibility of being murdered, or go back to hiding.

I am living in a small conservative community that I have been apart of most of my life, so I have chosen to transition slowly but abrupt. If you’re paying attention you’ll see the changes, if not ?

My daughter died by suicide because I hid in a closet, never showing my true self, as many others. We could have changed the world decades ago, but we chose to hide.

I can’t hide anymore!!! My daughter deserved more, as do so many others!!!

You may ask why not just go full out?  I feel I am. It’s military tactics. Know your enemy. I’m changing hearts and minds one at a time. Again this is working I’m my small community but I believe with time and enough people coming out, it will get better in all communities!!!

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