Reply To: Fragility of hope.


So I am going to keep posting updates, I hope it helps someone in some way, even if it is making you feel better because you whine less than I do.

Two weeks ago my girlfriend and I split the list of HRT Doctors that my insurance caseworker compiled and started calling them. Leaving voice mail left and right Okay there were only 6 names on it but still. A week goes by I email my caseworker telling her looks like the list was a no go. My girlfriend and I decided to call everyday until we talked to someone other than voice mail. We after a few days we got a call back, and were told let me get all the information for you and call you tomorrow, tomorrow came and went no call, so Monday comes around and we call back and it’s voicemail again so I was ready to say screw you, your family and doubly screw your mom for giving birth to you. Tuesday afternoon my girlfriend gets a call and it’s the doctors office. “I apologize for not calling sooner I just wanted to make sure we had every bit of information for you so you can get started, and we can see her at 15:00 Wednesday all we need is any information from any provider she has seen. If that time will not work we can look at other appointments and get you set up as fast as possible.”

My girlfriend calls me tells me I have a panic attack, because new doctor new staff new place, but I say keep the time I’m afraid they will change their mind. So Wednesday I pack up all of my medical information, drove myself to the office checked in was given the paperwork to fill out and picked the chair as far away from everyone I could while still being in the office. I no sooner sat down then I hear them calling me back. (Apparent, my girlfriend explained to them about my issues with being around strangers and in strange places so they decided to get me in a privet room as soon as I came in, to make everything easier on me.)

I met my medical hippy Marah, she sat for an hour and a half talking to me (mostly to get me used to her so I didn’t have panic attacks when I come see them) I expected to have to do bloodwork and come back in a week or two but no she took me to see the vampire and while she was drawing my blood Marah sent in my scripts with a rush order. I broke down and cried I was so happy to finial be able to take another step on this long long road.


So as of 06:30 this morning I have started HRT!!!!!!

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