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DeeAnn Hopings


To address your questions, you’ll notice that we don’t have a section dealing with Fashion Beauty & Makeup. My guess, since I’ve never asked anyone, is that probably most trans women started as crossdressers. Assuming that is true, the majority then have been through what you are experiencing now. Since this isn’t something that we address directly, I would suggest our sister site: as they do have a Fashion Beauty & Makeup area. You will also find some of the same members over on CDH here on TGH.

Anyway, to get you started, I suggest:

  • Look at women’s magazines to begin to develop some ideas about coordinating outfits. If you feel that buying and having magazines at home may be an issue, perhaps visit the local library.
  • Do some people watching at the local mall. Unfortunately there are likely to be many stones, but often there are a few gems. Personally, I would avoid fads, but that’s just me. Store displays may also be a good source.
  • Regarding outfits put together from various pieces, as a general suggestion for colors, you can either Match or Contrast. Matching can be a bit tricky as often items are essentially the same color, but different materials and textures can make them seem different. Case in point might be a black knit skirt and a black nylon shell or tank. The knit will likely appear flat, but the nylon may have a bit of a shine.
  • With a solid color as top or bottom, the the other piece can be a contrasting color or a colorful pattern.
  • The Match or Contrast thought process also come into play with jewelry. Some clothing colors work better with silver jewelry, some with gold jewelry and some with either.
  • Lastly do some searching with your favorite search engine and look for information in clothing styles, patterns and colors that work better with various body types, color coordination and accessorizing. It’s all out there somewhere.

Further, I also suggest that you check the Member Directory to see if there are any members new you. It is always a good thing to get connected with the local community. Click on Social in the menu and then Member Directory.

I also suggest that you complete your Profile page. The information contained there really helps other member to understand your situation, goals, etc.

Have At It!

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