Reply To: What age did you know you were transgender?

Charlene K

I voted 6 – 10 but only because there wasn’t a category for “by the time I was 5”.

There was an event (I wrote an article about it at CDH) at age 5 during which I became suddenly conscious that, “I want to be a girl; I am suppose to be a girl.”

Various events during growing up years fed that awareness, yet in that age (mid 50s to the 80s) one just didn’t dare just ‘come out”. So I lived with the slow burn of hidden gender incongruity for decades.

It is still a slow burn mostly hidden but never denied nor do I want to deny that I want to be a woman. But today I know why. Even as I wrote in a recently published article here on TGH. I want to be a woman, because biology not withstanding, I am a woman at my core.

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