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Welcome – I’m fully Transitioned ( Transwoman )M to F in Canada at 65 now – we have reasonable privilege to a degree but realistically there’s very few that truly have full passing luxury – I hate using the point looking authentic when I’ve always felt female from 5 years old 1963 when I new a natural sense of being , your soul – being forced through a puberty which there was no birth choice back in the day your body grows based on DNA genetics and these physical characteristics are hard to change after 18 bottom line – it’s far from foofoo in the real world – I agree be yourself but a person has to be prepared for biased none acceptance of CIS happy body and mind that don’t have a fathom of mind vs body in-congruency – legit Transgender people are born like this – I’m one of them ! At 6’ tall 240 lbs and not fat looking I’ll add and for the most part I get  90% of the time I’m accepted as a woman but it’s not guaranteed- it’s a price you pay for being born in a society of biased none accepting people  with a brain geared one way naturally and a body the other – be yourself , I agree but accept and understand the bias will never go away – the foofoo is very real !

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