Reply To: Gender Dysphoria, maybe?

Lauren Mugnaia

“But it sounds like you are wired differently and your thought process skews female.”

It is interesting that you put your comment that way Emily. As some of you here on TGH know, I was recently informed by a doctor that I am an intersex female. I was raised as a male, but always knew I was supposed to be a female.

I’ve been doing copious amounts of research into being an intersex person, and one of the more intriguing things I found from listening to documentaries on intersex people is about their thought processes. Physically, we are a blend of male and female, and that includes our brains. Those who identified as female say they always felt and thought like a female. I know now that I am “wired differently, and my thoughts have always skewed female. Everything else was skewed female as well, my physical body, my mannerisms, movement, facial expressions, everything! Several ladies I work with have asked me where I learned to be so feminine. I said I never learned it, I’ve always been that way.

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