Reply To: What’s the first thing you’ve done, or plan to do?

Elli Snow

I debated on clicking “other” but chose HRT.  I moved about 2 years ago to a new state where I only knew, 4 people and one of them had transitioned over 20 years ago so it wasn’t an issue for any of them, and since I didn’t know anyone else I have always presented as a woman here.   I started HRT about a year later (first anniversary is in 2 months) and depending on finances I will probably get an Orchi done this fall and hopefully a name and gender marker change.  As far as I know my insurance will cover the surgery, so coming up with over $200 for the name change is my biggest issue currently.  $157 to file for a name and gender marker change if I do them at the same time, plus whatever a lawyer costs.

I noticed a number of women chose manicures, which I would love but isn’t practical for me.  I probably spend a third of my time during the summer months gathering firewood for the winter, and I am a mechanic and contractor so that’s generally out of the question for me.  It took me over a year, but I’ve gotten pretty good at painting my nails but because I work with my hands most of the time it doesn’t last and it’s not unusual for me to break several nails a week, so while I love rocking my bright pink polish it generally only happens if I have some dressy type of event coming up.

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