Reply To: Having trouble coming out as trans.


Hello Jennifer! Welcome to TGH! There is a wealth of information here that you can look up and receive from other members. Plus you can make friends both near and far. This is a safe place for all of us to get together and be ourselves! And to share.  I know I have seen some other new members introduce themselves from your country recently. So you should be able to find them on here and find if they are in the same area that you are or close by.

For coming out, I understand how nervous you might be about doing it. But you can break it down into steps and work thru them one by one. Either big steps or baby steps. It’s up to you to go at your pace and when to do it. You’ll get your own internal feel for when it would be right to go ahead and how fast, once you start on going thru a step.  As has been suggested by Dee Ann, you will  need to figure out which coming out you are talking about.  It can be coming out to other people like family and friends. Or is it coming out of the house as Jennifer like you want? Two different things.  Most all of us here have had to work thru issues of coming out to family and friends and the issue of really stepping out of the house as ourselves like we want.  We all have a mindset about how difficult some of this is to accomplish. Sometimes it can be just as hard as we thought it would be. Other parts may not be much of an issue at all to accomplish, which can be a pleasant surprise. So if you have questions please don’t hold back in asking. Someone here could help you with the answer. You may find an answer to a question that has already been talked about in a forum or in some other category like in the Articles. Look around the site and you can find a lot that can help.

We’re glad you’re here and we’re here to help and support you in what you’re doing in your journey. We know you’ll figure it out and we wish you the best!  Take care, Steffanie

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