Reply To: Struggling with my identity trying to learn about myself


Thank you so much for recommending DrZ.

I’ve been watching her videos since you told me about her, and wow, I never felt so wonderful, she has explained so much, like the one I just watch was the VR chat video, I have been recently playing as a woman on vr video games with others, but I keep my mic muted, cause I am embarrassed. I am so glad I came to this website, which I didn’t understand why I did till DrZ mentioned “egg cracked”, how this can start from childhood. I have felt depressed in the past but not severely, but this had made me feel relieved. I found that I do over compensate for my masculine form, I have always done jobs where I have a high risk of getting hurt some I won’t say, 1 was working at a prison, which did not help, the stress of getting assaulted was always there. I never had an outlet socially for this, and now it’s opened so much, I thought I would be worried, which I don’t think it has hit me yet, I know I need to see a therapist, but at the moment I am just going to take it slow. I love how y’all responded to me so quickly and were understanding, and used my chosen name, it felt awesome to read it, thank you so much! I have the urge to yell out I am a woman. Today I just feel awesome.

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