Reply To: Struggling with my identity trying to learn about myself


Ok Harmony, first things first lots of familiar stuff there. Also use paragraphs. The wall o text thing is hard to read. I did it too. You just want to say it all at once. We get it.

We’ve been there.

One of the problems is the doubt. Even when I finally accepted myself as trans it took a while to accept I’m a woman. When I finally did I found a peace. Even now there’s doubt.

Don’t doubt yourself. You are a woman. I finally accepted that about myself and now I find it impossible to see myself as male.

Just be you. Ignore the clothes thing by the way. Women can wear anything.

I used to say to myself. I wish I was a woman.

But one day I realised. I am a woman. Not physically, not biologically like the bigots like to point out smugly.

I’m just an ordinary woman like you.

Born with a P, tragically.

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