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Oh gee the preferred name topic, and mixed with job/career searching. This is a big one depending on several factors. First off are you going to transition? On the new job? If so lying to your new perspective employer is no going to do you any favors. You want to be in a friendly environment where you are accepted, it will be hard enough with out having your place of work beating you up too. On the other side it is none of their business, your home life is yours unless you have one of those 24 7 jobs, btw that type of job blows and I advise against it, unless it is your life long goal. Also if you are taking a throw away job just for some quick cash, do not worry them with the details, you will blow them off when ready.

Personally I am a face to face kind of girl, and I think a resume is to get you to the interview, the interview is where you sell yourself to the employer and for them to sell them selfs to you, guess I am just an old school type. Any way your preferred pronouns are better kept for the interview, or after you get hired in my eyes, if they are a non-discriminatory job it wont matter what your gender is, if they do discriminate maybe you do not want to work there. Only time I would put my gender or pronouns on my resume is if it was an advantage to help sell myself to the new employer, IE. I was applying to an LGBTQ+ support community or something.

You as a FTM might be applying to a man’s dominated industry and this will be tricky, lots of the people in those industries are not as accepting the LGBTQ+, so a bit of a dance to get in the door might be needed. Lucky for you FTM non-acceptance is not as bad as MTF non-acceptance in a male dominated field, so it will be easier for you, say if you applied for a ‘heavy vehicle mechanic’ or something then if I did.

Use your ‘gut’ as to sharing your pronouns, it should not lead you astray.





ps. For you female identifying people use your ‘intuition’ vs. your ‘gut’, I would go deeper into it but that is an article upon it self.

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