Reply To: “If I could turn back time….”

Lauren Mugnaia

Hi Michelle,
Well, even though everyone says I don’t look it, and even though my cardiologist tells me, that by transitioning, I’ve added another 15 years to my life, the odometer of this old girl is two decades past the half century mark.
I haven’t retired and I’m already collecting some of my pension, but my current full time job is truly the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had! I work, as a woman, in an environment that is made up of at least 85% women. It is a government office building and I am the site supervisor for security. I get to interact with all these women on a daily basis, they have all accepted and affirmed me, and view me as the woman I’ve always known I was.
I truly believe that, for me, this amazingly wonderful situation has been like an elixir of youth, it has turned back the hands of time!
But, we can all share a few of our aches and pains that do, inevitably, show up from time to time. So…
Yes! We need a forum dealing with geriatric transwomen, because we know, in the recesses of our minds, that we’re all going to get there eventually.

Hugs girls, big hugs!

Ms. Lauren M

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