Reply To: how have you blocked out family haters?


Love is the only way I know how to rise above the hate. I have to be an example of love not only to myself but to hold the higher love vibration. So they can either come up and feel the love, be happy or they can walk away. I am a creature of the great divine just like everyone else. If you hold the love then it’s them that has to succumb to the hate or raise their vibration,and it’s all on their head and you can walk away knowing that you have done your best. Smile and if they can’t then they’re the looser not you and you have given them nothing but the love that they preach about but can’t see that it’s right in front of them. Judge not less you be judged. Blow them a kiss, wink ,walk away and know that you are okay and finding your balance and place in the world.

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