Reply To: Kids… Should they get gender affirming surgery, take HRT, etc?

Michelle Lawson

So, you are absolutely correct that this is one hot potato. A topic that probably shouldn’t have a cookbook, cookie cutter, resolution. I think a case could be made for each of these possibilities. I’m sure that some kids should not venture past the gender ID stage as they may need more help, time, and knowledge. Still others, changing their name could be of help in their finding their own path forward.

Some may be in a situation where parental understanding and knowledge is an absolute necessity. Some may be quite the opposite. Both of which require ample time, knowledge, and understanding to fully vet. And further more may be best served to wait until they are adults.

As for the surgery and medication camps; with all that entails, I’d be inclined to think a very slow, careful, and stepped approach would be the best path forward. Because, at least for the surgery side of the equation, once the scapel makes contact, it is a done deal.

I think, that of all these possibilities, the scariest is the one not talked about; the pushing the child into that because of predetermined outcomes envisaged by the ‘adults in the room’. These are children, who by their very age and definition, do not have the advantage of years of like, knowledge, and experience. Looking to us for guidance, do we not owe it to them to partner with them to make the best decisions. There is no absolute right or wrong answer or approach, but we had all make sure we do our best for them, or we will do the worst for all.

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