Reply To: I Don’t know where else to post this (Vent Warning)

Michelle Lawson

I’m sure I could saw lot’s of wonderful and flowery things, but none of them are going to fix things right this minute. Miriya and DeeAnn posted some very good things that can start helping you get back on a better path, to where you can deal with things with clearer thinking and emotions. I did some checking, and while I don’t know where on Barbados you are, please get hold of the links that DeeAnn provided, and add SHE Barbados (, Butterfly Barbados (, and Pride Barbados ( Just to be able to talk and connect with others in your area will bring you some joy and peace. We have all walked your path, to some degree worse, to some degree better. But never give up; for if you do, then you will most assuredly will have lost, and they will have won. And you are a far better person to allow that. The biggest of hugs….. Michelle

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