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Guess I am the only one who voted no.

First of I am not in the age group of being a senior but soon to be retired if I can manage it. Problem is most people who are retired are in the non-internet generation and by no means are in the new social media type of internet. However as the leading edge of X’ers hit this retirement window they might be interested in an online group and as TGH is such an old school type of internet platform it tends to attract the aging X’er as it works with their clunky thinking of BBSs, pagers, and emails. I am sure most 60 year olds right now remember Atari 800’s, Commodore 64’s and Nintendo NES’s. However the wide spread typical forum/FB users are not retired quite yet, when this happens there might be more need for such a group geared toward seniors. A better type of group geared toward seniors would be a face to face type group where having a drink and a bit of rock and roll where people hang out is a better concept as this will fit the mind set of a retired senior more than an online thing.

Part two of my response is that, and maybe this is just me, but all the TGH Groups I am part of are a flop. They have poor interaction, and are structured like that crapy FB thing, also for such a group to flourish you need a core of at least 3 to 4 active members who like to type and chat it up in a permanent manner, ie. TGH’s Chat feature is not a lasting/permanent thing as it is more like a phone conversation or text vs. say a Forum post or an Article here. Is there a way to structure the TGH Groups so they would be more appealing toward seniors?, sure but that really needs a motivated dynamic individual who, especially if from my generation, is set with one, two, or maybe three duties/jobs at most to really focus on. As an X’er tends to be a late Analog to early Digital type thinker, and the leading edge of them are mostly Analog, this means really just a few focuses in life at a time. And I do not know about you all but I am one busy girl, however a retired person who has nothing better to do might enjoy the task for a time, however again as every newly retired person that I know seem to get far busier in life doing all the things a 40 year career would never let them do, so unfortunately the retired senior is usually focused else where in life then in an online community.



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