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I am a retired person I love to dress and be as ladylike as I can be. I found out very early on I loved to dress and act like a lady. I am at my happiest when dressed with another person with me. I do not want a relationship with another man but I do enjoy fun with another person like myself.
When I was young it was against the law to have same sex fun. You could be beat up if you were caught by others. Or taken to court and shamed. You dare not go out in and opposite gender clothing or you were beaten up. We all had to learn to suppress our feelings and our shall we say querks or hobbies. Because we hid everything it was only seedy places you could go and you were always labelled a pervert, poof, homo or transvestite. They were the only names about at the time. In the 1970’s they used to go poof rolling which was not a good time to wear a dress skirt lingerie and heels. I still keep my dressing and my fun to myself. I do not think I am the only one who is and feels this way. Or am I

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