Reply To: Being older as a transgender/cross dresser?

Charlene K

This has been an encouraging thread. I won’t say I read all the replies, though over a few more sittings I may.  I am 68 AMAB and have been aware since I was 5 that I wanted (at that time) to be a girl. The desire has never left though I  have tried so many ways to “shake it off.”

However, with time, contemplation, and finally resignation I now accept that I am trans and that I want to be a woman because I am one. Like some have mentioned previously; we don’t become women, rather we already are. Now I have no desire to “shake it off”. No, now my desire is to be, not it, but me, Charlene, the demure, kind, compassionate and attractive woman I know that I am.

As a born again I Christian my beliefs and understandings of the Scriptures moderate my actions. Yet as I grow older I wonder if I can continue to “hold out.” I am a woman. I want to live as one. I have no interest in being loose morally. But neither do I want to stay closeted.

It is do refreshing to find a group of like minded woman, who simply want to present as the age appropriate women we are.

I do hope that one day soon I can step out of my closet and begin relating to others and be related to as Charlene, the woman I know myself to be.

Thank you all for being here to support me in my continued journey toward living authentically.



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