Reply To: Traditional wife duties in drab

Michelle Lawson

Charlene, what we all seem to go through, isn’t something as simple as picking what TV show to watch. You pick up the remote, scan the listing, and make a pick. No, this is much bigger, a lot more knowledge, research, understanding, and planning, needs to be brought into the mix. And as all that comes together, there will undoubtedly be some degree of vacillating back and forth. Akin in many ways from a child going from one stage of life to another.

I see that in my sons. One day they can do the dumbest things, as they did as a little boy, the next day they can work trough a problem with the logical thinking that astounds me. But in the end, under the hood, we are all human. Being human is our common denominator. Remember, factor to the least common denominator. At least that’s what the math teacher said.

So, I’m good with me. Hey, some have a sports car body, some have a minivan; but underneath, they all have an engine. They get you from point A in life, to point B. Life is short, and I wanna just be happy and dance the dance of life…..

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