Reply To: HRT & Sexuality changes

Elli Snow

Dee Astra and DeeAnn regarding a change in sexual interest because of HRT along with a loss of libido.  I’m about 6 months in to HRT and yes, everything below the waist has stopped working and nothing in my vast collection of toys makes any difference.  I am curious to know if it ever comes back since I’ve read conflicting studies.  Some say it lasts about 18 months while I’ve seen a couple articles that suggest this may be a permanent change.  I wish I knew which was true and I’m very much hoping that it isn’t the 2nd option for me.

Regarding sexual interest, I’ve noticed a slight modification in my own.  I’ve always been attracted to women, never been attracted to men and still am not.  However, I have found myself to be interested in exploring a relationship with another pre op transgender women.  It’s very interesting to me that I still have no interest in anyone that identifies as male, but the same issues aren’t there when it come to women like my current self.

I’ve always enjoyed learning experiences, but at times this trip I started has come close to overwhelming me with the amount and range of changes as well as a very steep learning curve without the support the average teenage woman has from friend going through the same thing.

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