Reply To: I don’t care about ‘passing’ anymore!!!

Elli Snow

It’s never been an issue to me as my body shape guarantees that I will never 100% pass.  While I wear size 8 bottoms, I have a barrel chest and shoulder width 2 inches larger than the average male my age and 4 inches larger than then the average female my age.  I don’t really care. I know who and what I am and I’m very happy with it.  Do I get misgendered?  Not as much as I expected after moving deep into the right wing heart of Pence country, and I get referred to as maam or she/her often enough that it both surprises me as well as pleases me very much.   I do the best I can given what I have and what I’ve learned so far and I am satisfied.  I know it will take the HRT at least 3 more years before it’s done all the magic it can do, and if there is anything I’ve learned in my 70 years  it’s patience and the benefits of delayed gratification.

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