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Sarah Fox

Ms. Snow, in part, I did stress that these stores are there to make money. However, the negative conotation that making a living is “bad” is all yours. I did not suggest any such thing. My stress on the negative was in two parts…
First, whether or not store employees will serve the transgender community. Second, is the proclivity of stores to give bad advice to customers in favor of pushing products they know are not going to work for that customer. Making money is not a bad thing to do. Pushing products that you know are not good for a customer is a bad thing.
I stand by my advice; it was earned from experience and the wise advice of many people who have greater knowledge and experience than I have.
As for your personal experience. Congratulations. As I stated in my original reply, not all stores are bad and not all employees are bad. I am happy that you have found some good places to shop and get good advice.

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