Reply To: Are you “Transgender” or “Woman” (or “Man”)?


I was born male and lived as a man for 72 years. But: always with strong, at times severe dysphoria. A specific series of events – what I mean is not really random – led me to understand who and what I am, coming out to myself (!), and eventually to my wife. At present I am living as a man, but a closeted woman (?). Working with an excellent therapist (a MUST, ladies!), I came to realize I did not want to lose my 56 year marriage; I have always been the care taker, the nurturer, and my wife loves and needs me. Our family social network would be shredded.

What do I call myself? A Transgender. My daughter and a few friends know about me, all approving. I am a member of a forum composed of individuals who would be considered conservative, Objectivists, if you know the Ayn Rand followers. Defending US, I posted: IF my life circumstances suddenly change, something I do not expect, hope for or plan for, the picture next to my posts would be very different and the name next to it would be Anastasia.

I do all I can do to celebrate and cherish the woman within,and help her OUT when circumstances and company permits.

With wishes for love for you all,

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