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So I’ve been transitioning now for just over a year and despite a definite change in appearance due to makeup, clothing and deportment I have always struggled to see “me” in the mirror. I just have never seen what I thought was an attractive female. That all changed for me yesterday!!💞 I took off my makeup before bed and was in the middle of my skincare routine when I glanced up into the mirror. As I did my heart kinda jumped, looking back at me in the mirror was a beautiful woman! We stood there staring at each other for a couple hours of minutes, I think perhaps it was shock that held my gaze for those moments but when I came back to my senses I started my usual scrutiny of what I was seeing. This time was so so different though. All I could see looking back was female, and WOW she was cute! I’ve been in a state of euphoria ever since. Going to bed was such a rush. I felt fully, completely, female as I lay there. This morning I woke feeling wonderful, the anxiety of wether or not the vision would stick was heavy enough n my mind as I made my way back to that mirror. As I turned the corner and she came back into view the elation was immediate and all consuming. For the first time in my entire life I feel I am exactly who I want to be. Thank you so much for this forum, it has given me a chance to share a beautiful moment that I hope will give some hope to another who is struggling! 🥰

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