Reply To: Does everyone want srs ?


Reading through this interesting thread I can see bits of my experience scattered about, I think that’s because my goals have been changing over time. After a lot of thought and reading the stuff from the Gender Clinic I’ve posted back the paperwork confirming that I want SRS. Although presenting female 24/7 there are things I’m not happy about currently and my tackle small though it is is one. The upside is another reason to re-lose the weight I’ve regained during Covid and ill-health since and improve my fitness and health.

Now I just need to see what the waiting list is like under our Victorian Gender system, I’ll bet it’s a lot more than the 4 months mentioned elsewhere, which is a disgrace really. Hopefully the gaslighting that has been the norm until now will stop, I don’t really need extra hassle especially with my mental health finally recovering.

It’s a big decision and I’m confident in my decision after taking the time to be really certain. I suspect many others here went through the same thing and if so you have my respect and admiration. An easy decision it isn’t.

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