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There is a section of TGH forums for makeup advice Rachel, this post is in it. However the lady who was running it went inactive it seems like over a year ago.  Hence I am seeing if us as a community want to revive it. No offense to the rules in the rule post at the pinned beginning of the forum section here, I would like to use this tool and the lady running it dropped the ball.

And oh I am with you, I did the whole clown thing myself and every girl, FAB and trans alike has done it, generally it happens in adolescence and is more forgivable to the young. I eventually gave up trying to DIY the right shade and went to several makeup counters at malls, department stores, etc. and guess what most of them have no clue either, but because they have those sample pallets you can try a ton and they might give you a good direction, best to show up with no makeup on, OMG I know, but you need a good clean base, have the girl give you her recommends, so much better if you get the gay/queen guy, 1st find your under tone, then get close in shades, then do several test shades where you go out side in full sun light and look in a big mirror, find the one that matches best, and do this on your face not the inside of you arm or something. Oh and you want one that is not super heavy or greasy as it will settle in your creases over the day. Minerals type tend to look very natural, but if you have facial hair stubble anywhere it wont give you that ultra smooth look, and they just do not cover as well. Even little peach fuze will make it harder to blend, ask any blond FAB, hence the blot on with a brush then blend a bit works better for some girls. In the end you want the one that matches perfectly, so even a blend of two or three might be the answer. Once you find your goto take note of the time of the year, if you like to tan your foundation will have to be a different depending. Also dryer winters are different for moister summers so you might change up type, powered vs cream vs etc. Also when you have it get a one shade lighter councilor, plus find a color corrector for neutralizing under-eye, especially so if you have any left over stubble, hopefully you all are getting that hair removed in some fashion other then shaving, but we all have our trials. Once you think you have found it try it on for a bit, ask your friends, see how it sits after 6 hours, looks at night vs day, florescent vs yellow vs led lights, it will most likely be totally different for photo shoots and videos vs everyday, so you still might have to try other stuff on. And by no means are all brands or skins for that matter created the same. What works for you and makes you look like a million bucks, might make me look like a 99 cent girl. However foundation is exactly that the most important part of your makeup look it is the base all the rest uses to go on.  Not saying skin treatment, sunscreen, serums, moisturizers are not important but those are just a must wether you use makeup or not.

Sorry for going on and on Rachel, this really should have its own thread, but next to the idea seemed better to me. Take care.



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