Reply To: Transgender hate crimes – are they on the rise?


With all of the dog whistling going on – that we are pedophiles, groomers, rapists, and whatever else some groups want to label us as, and then post and echo those dog whistles widely and often. It will absolutely affect some of the followers to take harmful actions against members of the community. Those of us who are out and living 24/7 shouldn’t fear exposure in the same ways that a crossdresser might, but we can still feel fear. We are out there 24/7, so we make a more ready target in that regard. And there is doxxing to deal with, where these sources of disinformation and outright lies will publish names and addresses of individuals, their family, and sometimes their friends. If that’s not trying to tell the followers where to go and implying what to do, I’m not sure what is.

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