Reply To: I Don’t know where else to post this (Vent Warning)

Elli Snow

I’ve learned that even from a thousand miles away, our presence helps a lot.  I first learned this a few years ago with the trans related groups on Facebook, and then more so after finding independent sites like this one.

Just learning I wasn’t alone in the world, that even though I’ll never likely have a group of close friends to make the trip with like your average cis teen going through puberty, I’m not alone.  Most of my feelings and thoughts have been echoed across the world by people I’ll never meet, but they’ve been through similar events, had similar thoughts and desires, and I can’t begin to express how wonderful it is to know that I’m not alone or unique in my thoughts and fears.  Just knowing others have faced the same demons and survived gave me so much hope when I first came out.  Learning that my feelings have been felt by others around the world, and all the different ways people have managed to cope not only gave me strength to go on, but that if I open my eyes there are many more potential solutions to dealing with issues than my myopic view allowed me to see.


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