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So sorry to hear.  Diabetes is a hard disease to manage with myriad serious bad effects down the line if ignored.  Kudos to you for paying attention to that.  Diabetes and its effects (high blood pressure,  damage to vasculature to name  only two) can manifest ED as well.   Unfortunately ED is expected with HRT and is common, as you’re meddling with the chemical soup that your body has become accustomed to.  I had encountered ED for years, and was told my radiation treatments for prostate cancer could worsen things.  It did.  But in my case I wish I could just cut the damn thing off and am planning for an oriechtomy sooner than later.  My partner always tells me “it’s ok.. there are other things that work :)”  Perhaps exploring new venues to meet your respective needs could be the rewarding icing on the cake you haven’t considered?   A former GF of mine once told me it’s not so much about the destination as the journey.  I hope you can embrace yours 🤗

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