Reply To: Beautiful music, does it make you cry, does it make you dance? It does for me.

Elli Snow

Oh, my, yes, to all of the above. I started training as a classical musician when I was 8, moved to more modern music when I reached my teens. There are a large number of songs that can cause my eyes to leak, some because they’re just so beautiful, others because of the memories they bring up. I also dance whenever I get the chance. I’m not very good at it, but I’m very enthusiastic, and if the band is really good I can go into a zone and dance for hours and feel nothing but the music. I have damaged hips, knees, shoulders and spinal cord damage in two different places, and when I get into that zone all the pain disappears, and stays gone for a while. Wish so much I could find some people where I am today so I could go dancing again on a regular basis.

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