Reply To: HAVE YOU EVER ? (been out with a friend and/or friends who are like you ?)


Now I have been out on the town for a girls night out with friends more times then I can remember, I have been out for a day of shopping and stuff just as many times. It is always a blast, and I never go alone, as I am just a big scaredy cat or I just love to have someone with me. I have also had more friends then I can count want to move past a simple friendship, despite my insistence, that  I am already with someone, and I just want to be friends. I even used to wear a big engagement ring to keep people at bay, btw most do not care. Some friends eventually get it and took on a protector, a friend or a big sister role, others it broke us apart. Do not get me wrong I love all my friends to death and treat them like my favorite sister when we are together. However to answer the question at hand, no, I have not been out with someone like me. I have had people get me, and I get them, I have had the googlely given to me and I have given to them others, but deep down the more I know myself, the more I realize I am unique in the world, and it is ok for someone not to understand me, it is far better for them to share time and love.


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