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Hey Aditi

Welcome to TGH 🙂

Like many people here I’m a member of the sister site, Crossdresser Heaven, as well. I’d recommend signing up to both as it gives you a bit of a wider perspective and exposure to a larger cross section of people from all parts of the spectrum. Also, it’s a good source of fashion and make up tips!

Anyway, your experience is a common one. It’s not unusual for those who feel a genuine, sustained urge to cross dress to begin to wonder whether they may in fact be transgender. However, it isn’t necessarily a black and white thing. Labels are useful for communicating ideas, but they shouldn’t define you; only you know how you feel. There are a bewildering variety of terms out there; you may find that none of them quite ‘fit’.

It’s important to realise that you don’t HAVE to be one thing or another. As someone else has already wisely replied, ‘you do you’ 🙂

Having said all that … isn’t it wonderful when you look in the mirror and realise that there actually IS a girl looking back at you, not just the appearance of one?


Ellie x

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