Reply To: HAVE YOU EVER ? (been out with a friend and/or friends who are like you ?)

Elli Snow

It’s just another part of this long strange trip I’ve been on for the last 70 years.  I’ve never been good at going to bars and meeting people, and never went to high school so I never learned about all that stuff when I was a teen.  My biggest problem with Bloomington is it’s both a cultural and gastronomic wasteland so most of the places I would be interested in going to don’t exist in this part of the country.  I have fairly recently learned about some groups that might be interesting through one of the Pride organizations in the area, but I keep spacing out the days they meet, or I get engaged in a project and forget the time.  I’ll get it together eventually.  I’m normally extremely shy, so meeting new people has never been easy for me.  I just have to remember when the groups I’m interested in get together in time to join them.

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