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Strangely DeeAnn I only came out 2 days after you posted your question ( me:03/03/21) So my transition is within the life of this topic.
I’m post surgery now, top and bottom. Other surgeries too. So if I had read your question the day you wrote it…I couldn’t have even begun to answer.
Faster than I thought…is my reply. Less than 3 yrs to get to this point would have seemed reckless. I matured with my transition, the answers so obvious when they actually happened. It has been easy, as if I inwardly knew all along what I needed..I just wasn’t consciously aware of it. Everything has fallen into place…though there have been difficulties (NHS!)
Better than I hoped but not because i knew where I wanted to get to (if I’m honest I wasn’t sure) but because I have achieved a liberation and happiness I never knew I was missing. I opened a door inside and Alex came out, fully formed.
I’m part of the trans community but it isn’t my purpose in life. My trans/bi/gay friends are just that…my dear friends. I am one of them but my life apart from them is my real world. Yes I’m trans…but I don’t give it much thought really.
I have had a trans and CD relationship already. Better than anything that has gone before.
Covid was my watershed DeeAnn. That time when I actually sat down with myself and asked. “what do you want out of life? It may soon be over…people die from Covid.” Actually my Mum did…and others.
The political climate now is relative I feel. If you are trans it feels more threatening than it probably is. I doubt more than 5% of people even think about us. In my view, we have it much better than earlier generations…so I keep pushing the agenda forward for those yet to come…as those before us did for me.
I’m 32 months…more than a few months…but not many years. I’m there in my head, it’s just get on with the life you dreamed of. It’s good…it’s more than good…it’s bliss.

Alex x

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