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Lauren Mugnaia

Hi girls,
I am very late to this party, LOL, but I have to let everybody know how things are going.
Many of you are already aware of how my transition has gone as I’ve made numerous posts about it, but for those who are new to TGH, let me hand you a brief synopsis.

What happened that drove your response?
What surprised you, positively and negatively?
Do you like how your relationship with the trans community is going?
Is the COVID situation playing a role in your transition?
Is the political environment playing a role in your transition.

Things for me have gone so far beyond any expectations, that I often feel it was divinely ordained.
When I knew I had to come out and be true to who I am, a woman, and accept being transgender, I had a job in a government ministry building. What were they going to say? All my life I have been visibly feminine unless I was acting completely in “boy mode”, so to say they weren’t at all surprised when I told them I was transgender, would be an understatement. When I mentioned wishing to transition, they said, “When?” and provided me with the perfect day to debut as a woman at work, TDOV on March 31st 2022, Transgender Day of Visibility.

My relationship with the trans community is amazing! I am viewed as a spokesperson for trans people, a role model, and an ambassador to the general populace as an example of who and what, a transgender person really is.

Covid hasn’t had any effect whatsoever with my transitioning.

Politically, things are very safe for trans people where I live, I am very fortunate to reside in a city that is very receptive to the LGBTQ+ community.

One more major thing to add, in regards to settling into my life, is the fact that on May 25 of this year my life was changed forever. It was the day that a lady doctor informed me that I am an intersex person. After learning lots of things about myself, she placed her hand on my knee and said, “Lauren, you are a woman!”

Hugs girls, BIG hugs,

Ms. Lauren M

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