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Alexis Wassermann

Being old school transitioning 20 years ago the times have changed bit how we feel and see ourselves is the same .

When I first started to transition i knew what I was getting into the the scarifies which will have to be made  , it is pretty much what i excepted but it’s balanced . It’s finding that balance which I feel is important . Starting early life may have it’s advantages but in other ways there is a lot of disadvantages as well  . Am i happy with my choice ? You bet I’m , wouldn’t have it any other way . Am I still faced with the same challenges ? Yes I am with in society , does it really matter in the end , no it doesn’t for I can choose who I want within my inner circle . The love for myself  is where it is at .

The community ,well that is really going to depend on your region . When I first started part of the program then was I had to go to these support meetings , well that didn’t go over very well being shoved in a room full of gay man , We really didn’t have support groups in the days and that hasn’t changed either here at all . So within my area , no I’m not involved in it at all . We pretty much just keep to ourselves ad go about our daily lives .

I’m in volved with the community here which I love , reach out to others and sharing the support  with individuals from all over the globe is one of the greatest feelings one can have

Covid changed a lot of many of us ,sure did with me . I brought me out of a 13 year shame and guilt , hiding myself and in doing so …lost who I was . I had to deal with very deep rooted inner pain , it was not a easy period in my life as those demons came to surface .Once I learned to let go and get back to my old self , I’m much more happier then I was ever before .

On the political front we have come along ways here Canada with our rights , but there is still discrimination against which is kept silent , hidden form the public in a sense . Just because we have rights doesn’t mean the services have to be provided .But we are making head way as more and more places support us . We will always be faced with discrimination , it’s how we choose to deal with it  and knowing when to pick your battles will us through .

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