Reply To: Are you “Transgender” or “Woman” (or “Man”)?


I’m late to the party too and I noticed that this question is very old but in support of general knowledge sharing I will add my two cents.  I usually introduce myself this way.  “Hi, I’m Marg Produe” and depending on the group that I’m with, I may add “and I’m an intersex person.”  Then if people want more info, I will launch into my simple 1 minute intersex lesson (about 2 percent of the population is intersex, most intersex people never know that they are intersex unless there is a problem,  intersex people differ internally or externally from what most people understand as a general definition of a man or a woman, and finally, intersex people are as common as redheads).  So, there you have it.  My intro along with a mini lesson.  Now if this generates more questions or discussions  then I will be glad to educate the masses (I actually do give presentations both locally and nationally on what it’s like to be an intersex person).  Since this question seems to want more definition, I’m both male and female at about a ratio of 55% and 45%.  I’m usually seen as androgynous, but do wear women’s clothes since they fit me the best.  You can read my profile if you want more particulars.  I’m out and open.  I’m similar to a MTF trans person but I don’t take any drugs (my body manufactures them for me).  For those that want to get a really technical definition of me, then I tell them that I’m a DES Feminized Male but that’s more than a 1 minute explanation.  Incidentally I have not changed all of my documents and have no problem with keeping my legacy (dead) name since I have a large body of work that I produced before I was  Marg.  That was me then and this is me now.  I have resigned myself to never being able to go through TSA without some delay since the machines just don’t get my body.  I’d like to someday be able to give a presentation to TSA workers (and emergency service and medical workers) and maybe enlighten more people.   I hope this info is helpful.  Marg

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