Reply To: Can one begin physical transition from mental star?

 Ginnie Gidlund 


I found out about the transgender part of me and at the same time I also got diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. But the full programe for the start of treatment of the transexualisme is a long path here in Sweden, so I got to accept the AS and accept that that was as constitutional as the color of my eyes. It did not stop the AS symptomes, but I knew what it ws that happened in relation to other persons. So I would advice yo to do all things about your nonTG-problems should be sorted out before the several years of tests and discusions with a specialist. The final descision that you want to go through (year one) then the tests that would stop those that just have a temporary urgency to transition as it is very difficult to reverse the op. ( year2) and hen the training to live in the new gender and feeling that it is the right thing (year 3). And during all this long time it is very good that to have contact with persons that have gone through all this.
To treat bow problems at the same time might be too hard and could hurt you more than is healthy.
Gnnie [email protected]

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