Reply To: Can one begin physical transition from mental star?


Oh Dame Veronica it is so good to hear from you! Yes. my breasts, I love them! and how they feel with silky cloth again them. New sensuality that I love. I think I am rpidly building to introducing MariaBella at home. The wife has begun saying things like she is noticing my new self emerge and said she loved who I am. It is building on a good foundation of my happiness daily growing and spreading through the house. I think if she can get with the visual changes of my transition she will be happier herself as I think her own sexuality is more fluid than she thought. That said we are older and established in our community so at this point my big fear is social. I think she may well be happier in a happy lesbian relationship than in a relationship with a mask over who she actually loves.
blessings hugs and kisses from little me Dame Veronica.

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