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Oh dear one! Our stories are so similar! All I can say is I am praying Maria is more attractive a human than “he” was as a partner to live out our lives with. I am perhaps lucky that she has known of my feminine leanings since day one. Nothing is certain but I am praying she will live Maria as the true one she married  just in drab and playing an uncomfortable role


I am a MTF crossdresser who has had concerns that I was born as the wrong gender. Some days I feel Strongly that I should be female and some days not so much. I am married and my wife knows I crossdress and that I have always wondered if I should have been a female at birth. My decision is to see a counselor to determine whether I am transgender or not but no matter the outcome I do not think I will transition. In order for me to think of a transition I would have to know that I would not lose the one true love of my life. Until then I am me and I feel like a woman in a male body. TTFN💋👠







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