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It is nice to hear the masses address me correctly but I am easy to get along with. It has never been a deal breaker nor do I hold it against anyone for not properly addressing me. I carry myself as a Tom-boy during working hours. I work with wood, …. Wait…. ahhh what the heck,  we’re adults here, BOTH TYPES and I wear my hat backwards, orange socks with work boots, One time I wore my skimpy “daisy Dukes” with a tank top and hiking boots. etc. as a matter of fact I sometimes chuckle to myself as to how ridiculous I sometimes leave my apt thinking, “I wonder how many stares and people shaking their heads will this get me. And I found out something cool. When you don’t give a damn and go further than they are willing to go, they simply laugh and compliment you with a simple “yea girl, you go”. if they get nasty I flash em a boob. BUT that is how I deal with it.                                                                         Huggz   Tracee

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