Reply To: Transhumanism, whoa, trippy

 Dasia Anderl 



I enjoy the rational, egalitarian and ethical views of humanism. Satanism also deals with these. Both, however, only deal with humans not any supernatural being or gods/God. Transhumanism gives technology a diety identity. I find that trippy. Seems to be a megalomaniacal stance. I haven’t read anymore about Pn. Rothblatt’s ideas on this new religion but I mean to. Honestly not all religions have gods/God in their belief structures. Buddhism is one of them. It’s interesting to me. I think we should all love and be loved. Also an interesting side note is that humans are psychologically social beings so is it really so surprising that trait is supported by religions?

I’m 43 so I’d rather be called a woman, not a girl or gurl. I’m finding it ever so common that cis women will call trans women girls but themselves ladies. I take it as demeaning. As for “hun”, sure it sounds nice, if you also use it for the other genders. I know I probably sound like a stickler but I actively work against sexism, ableism, racism and ageism. Those four are running rampant right now. Thanks for asking. smile

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