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Your spirit and sole have much to do.                                                                   Taking care of the beauty that is you                                                                     You feel all dark and empty inside                                                                         The truth is, you’ve simply lost your stride

Your sisters are reading your words of despair.                                                  Miriya please listen the world really does care.                                                  They beat you down and and make you feel so low.                                          To fill the emptiness of their status quo.

Simply two steps forward and only one back.                                                      Before you know it your down the track.                                                               Let your good make you smile and bad make you strong                                 The whole world is listening  baby so you go on and sing your song.

I shared your discomfort in my past and decided to do something about it. Now I want to say first not me or anyone can or should tell you what to do. Listen to how we dealt/deal with our people of  the planet “Hippocrates”

I took the power my family had over me away.

First I changed my name,  Last name too. I told myself My life, world, and my name.  Second I went on their social site and explained why.

Third I changed my phone # and let them know that it was a privilege to have it as well as to know the real and new me and then stood back and watched.                                                                                                                         As I went on with life something strange happened. (There kids wanted in), and their friends, their face book numbers went down so they now make excuses as to why they are no longer on line. Miriya, there are 10 Xs more good people in the world than bad and if you let them, Both your inner and outer beauty will attract them an before you know it your life will become full and your next decisions in life will be YOUR choice of friends. (Choose wisely baby).                                                                                  Miriya waking up next to your best friends’ husband or taking a big chance and failing is what people like us feel bad about. Not Bully’s and Bigots. Give your life a chance before you start feeling bad about it.

Much LUV and KiZZeZ baby                                                                                             Tracee Daniels

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