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Haha the blue pill has not worked for me for years! Supplemental T is very bad for male hearts and mine has taken too much emotional and physical damage over my life honey. Chloe it has been so long since I have had penetrative  sex that I now have non penile orgasm from oral sex and prefer it immensely I have issues with penetrative sex a therapist is going to love. Although I cannot  say I did not enjoy the male role at times it was always more theater until the relationship I have  now   With her the plumbing seems less important than the sentiment

on that note last night we spoke and I told her I was bipolar because the man in me was trying to kill me. We talked about my embracing my femininity  we talked about doing my nails and getting my hair done. About me maybe studying cosmetology in case Social security goes away

we talked about how I have grown from thinking my plumbing was a ridiculous bit of flesh to how I love that my phallus has inverted and how I hate how my scrotum and testes look and feel. We talked more openly and with more love than in many moons.

I told her that over some time I wanted to explore my femininity and the feeling I must embrace the “she” or die. Hell she saw it happening and now she understand why. From here baby steps, a therapist for us both, me not letting the pink fog I am in rush things. It was a big night and I am up before dawn thinking about how lucky I am and the better future ahead for the first time in a very long time.

Chloe dear one just two months ago I was in the car driving to a cliff on the coast. I was fully intending to drive off into the sea. That was when my better angel said NO. And from that point on I have been embracing her, she is saving my life. Oh dear god I am going on and on. It is early I have had little sleep  I am so relieved now that I am out but now it all gets very real and it is sobering and thrilling me.

Chloe you are an angel and thank you for answering my silly questions and putting up with my chattyness. Love you



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