Reply To: Forgiving for the future

 Meran Berwyck 

Kirsten, I am sorry for what you been through.  I can relate.  My mom accepted me a couple years before she passed away, but by then she already had a degree of dementia.  Coming from a large family, my siblings do not accept me, and I’m afraid they will not either.  They even tried to build a wall between my mother and I.  It worked to a point.  You see, my mom did something terribly wrong as we grew up that I will not mention here.  When the evidence came out, my father (who was also involved) denied it all until his last breath.  But my mom, she admitted it and asked for forgiveness.  I was the only one of 7 children that did forgive her.  She asked me why the others couldn’t forgive her.  I had no answer to give her, other than that they have to live with themselves.  They couldn’t forgive her and felt what she did was too damaging to their lives.  Yes, they blame mom for their shortcomings.  They even blame her for my choice to be female!  My mom did nothing to that notion.  She was a good mom in my opinion in every way moms are.  Ok, she made a mistake, so do the  rest of us and  we’d want to be forgiven too, right?

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