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Tiffany Alexis


I couldn’t help but post on this, noticed it’s been up for 2 months but I have some thoughts…speaking from the health care side as I am a practicing physician…do you know how much time we spent on trans medical issues in medical school AND residency?

The number is zero!

I spent zero minutes on it in my medical training. It wasn’t even mentioned. We do not exist in medical education. Maybe now trans people are mentioned in medical school, I went to med school in 1999-2003, but I doubt the time has risen significantly. LGBTQ+ issues were mentioned in passing a few times, but never actually lectured on, even for ten minutes.

I stay current in my field, I read my journals, and there still isn’t anything. And I’m in a progressive field of medicine (I’m an er doc). Until I figured out what I myself was, I knew nothing about our medical issues.

So anyone who has a doc that is taking care of transgender health issues, know this: your doctor is likely completely or nearly completely self taught. They had to seek the knowledge (what little there is) on their own time and sometimes additional expense.  Likely they did so with the best of intentions but when the subject is an afterthought in medical education there’s so much variance it’s scary. Most courses on tg medicine are likely weekend or week long conference length not semester length, reason being is a doc isnt going to be able to shut down practice for months to attend a class, as bills won’t pay themselves and a multi month absence is death to a practice. This doesn’t help.

Surgeons that do GCS and FFS have somewhat more training as surgical techniques must be taught physician to physician but this is only on the motor skills aspect.

Since I had my reckoning with myself I have been self learning on these matters so that I am better educated, but before 6 months ago I knew absolutely nothing. I’m still learning, and trying to get my knowledge past “educated layperson”. My goal is to one day maybe part of the solution on this not part of the problem, and figure out how to give something back in a unique way.

Part of the problem is also there is virtually zero awareness among docs about us. I’ve never even heard transgender mentioned in a medical conversation, although I do have to say northern Louisiana is a barren desert of tg awareness in general. Probably people are more aware of current issues facing leprechauns in this area than anything at all transgender.

Theres very little research ongoing and a good bit of what comes out is biased by whatever agenda the publishing physician has. Entire aspects of tg medicine have never been studied, others just by case reports.  The most well documented area of tg medicine is by far the psychiatric and psychological aspects.

Theres virtually no practicing trans doctors. Trust me I’ve looked. I am only aware of one practicing in my specialty, in Pennsylvania. And my branch of medicine prides itself on taking care of anyone, anytime, for any reason with blindness in regards to bias. I guess as long as we aren’t…you know…trans or something. I’ve seen several reports of docs coming out in whatever specialty and having to retire or leave practice. I know of one practicing FP in the plains states as well. That makes two. There’s probably a handful of others I don’t know about. But there are more physicians who are dwarves than openly trans. This is terrifying from a personal aspect for me.

Just thought I’d post my thoughts on this.


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