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 Cloe (CC) Webb 
Managing Ambassador


Thank you Tiffany.  I’m in IT in the medical field at a University and can say your words are spot on as both an out employee and a patient.  My providers are staunchly set on adhering to WPATH standards and have shown a conservative bias to accepting results that were outside the standards by even small margins and ended up having to take my own risk at changing dosages to prove I needed a change.  I’ve asked and the only research anyone is conducting is related to hair removal.  As you said, it’s because it’s something that physician wanted to study and not necessarily for transgender specific reasons.  I’m not sure the study even got off the ground as I was told I would get a call when they started training residents and they needed test subjects, but we’ll see as the new class comes in soon.  I applaud them for their efforts at creating the clinic and providing a safe space for transgender people to find care, but I can’t go further in praise.  I won’t say more out of my own concerns of ramifications, but I can tell you that you are not the only specialty physician out there who is trans and is fearful for known good reasons.  It’s a tragedy and I don’t know where to turn to to make a difference.  I would have hoped the public good would be enough to do more particularly in light of how visible our plight is right now.  My fear is that this candle too will burn out quickly, like many of us, and the opportunity for something wonderful will be lost.

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