Reply To: Qi Gong & Yoga & the Transgender person

 Miriya Paris 


Good Morning Danielle, thank you so much for the reply. I hope I can do it justice.

Yoga, Qi Gong, TaiChi are all very similar but with different exercises.  If you dig into the root of all of them you will find they are concerned in cultivating Bio Energy and using it for some purpose, the basics for lay folk such as ourselves, in these three are health.  All three use both mental and physical work in balance.  Any system that does not incorporate both tends to not be for health, such as Buddhist meditations for enlightenment.

I have thought about doing a book or channel on YouTube however there are far better and more qualified people then me already doing such. If I get my act together I might do an app kind of like the 7min woman work out one, but that requires time and money plus the effort and desire.

Absolutely there is hope for the bigger folk. We all started somewhere, and come in many sizes and shapes.  There have been fat Buda’s  as well as petite ones.  Most of the true energy practitioners in the US that I have met are on the plus size. The bigger you are the more physical manifestation your bio energy has.  The only reason most of the Chinese practitioners are so petite is an environmental one. One aspect of your body is kind of like a battery or capacitor, your cells hold the energy.  This is generally why bigger people get the rapid Kundalini easier then small people, but that is a bit off topic.  However size is not the worry energy flow is.  Stretchy muscles tend to have less energy flow blocks and such.  Just as much as a disciplined mind will pull the energy around easier.


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